…And the Man Still Takes Me Out in Public

Winter finally hit here in my tiny town. Freezing temps, snow in the inches, car doors frozen shut…Jack Frost in all his glory.

I am not a fan.

However, it does give me the opportunity to entertain myself in ways I normally can’t.

This morning I was finished getting ready for the day before Mr. Darrick. I thought I would head on down and start the car to warm it up.

It takes forever when it’s this cold, so I start revving the engine a little to warm it up quicker. Darrick found me five minutes later clutching into the steering wheel, revving in short spurts, and yelling, “Put food into my belly! Feed me!”

“Um…I take it you want to do and get a breakfast sandwich on your way into work?”

“No. I was talking for the car. Gas light came on.”

I have to admit that the man has a great facepalm.


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