When It’s Game Night, Mommy’s Always a Loser

Since the big kiddo would rather spend part of the weekend with my mama than me, I’ve been thinking up ways to make the little one feel like it’s *her* special night, too.

She’s a blast t to hang out with anyways, but I wanted some new stuff to try. I tried searching for Rory’s Story Cubes so we could make up some funny and scary stories (she’s been really into Goosebumps lately, she likes the suspense and scares), but the Walmart here didn’t have any. However, they did have a Paw Patrol board game and Go Fish cards. Also, the movie Robots is $5.

I win.

Of course, I could have felt like a winner solely because I knew I could walk down the snack isle and pick up anything I wanted. Sometimes childhood dreams do come true.

Anya was thrilled to death with the Paw Patrol game and happily helped to set it up. It’s a super simple game, and quick. Just a note – it’s more fun when you make a big deal about what color you land on. Especially when you name off the wrong color and act like you don’t know it.

There may have been eye-rolling and a lot of “silly goose” name calling involved.

There may also have been popcorn, chocolate chip cookies, and teddy grahams.

Also, giggles, messy faces, and a lot of “GO FISHING!”

Love it. If only housework was as fun.


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