Jessica Linville

Bio: Would-be writer, amateur blogger. Once described as "Charmingly off-center," and it's still my favorite description. Life isn't about balance, it's about learning how to deal when it's off-kilter. Some assembly required.

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8 thoughts on “About

    1. I know! I keep this up and I’m going to be fired from blogging. Lol! I’ve been working full-time at a temp job, and getting up at five in the morning is causing this weird narcoleptic reaction every time I sit down. I’m tickled to death that you nominated me, thank you! It means a lot. I will be catching up this weekend, so if you get a bunch of comments suddenly, I promise I’m not stalking you. Much. 😉 As far as the wedding plans, I haven’t gotten much done. I still haven’t even chosen colors (I guess that’s a thing?) but I did decide to throw some lawn gnomes into the decor. Only cool ones though, like zombies and the ones being eaten by a T-Rex. It’s completely ridiculous and it makes me giggle. Lol! I will talk to you soon!

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      1. Oh wow! You must be running around crazy! Zombies are cool btw and T-rexes are awesome (big time Jurassic Park fan here!). Sounds like a quirky fun wedding in the works! Good luck!


  1. Hello, Jessica.. I am just checking out bloggers who’ve signed up for the A-to-Z challenge and noticed an issue with your URL. you have domestically added twice. I deleted one to get here, but others may not go through the trouble to do so. Just thought you would want to know so that you can get it fixed. Maybe if you contact one of the Admins for the challenge, they can fix it for you without you losing your place in line. Have a good weekend! ~Lori~


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