We’re All Mad Here

Welcome to the brand-new blog, Domestically Dippy, where the craziness of my day-to-day gets exposed for your reading pleasure. Just remember…it’s ok to laugh at me. I wouldn’t blame you! 😉

Intro: I’m Jessica. Someone ten years ago described me as charmingly off-center, and I think that sums me up just fine. I’m turning thirty in a few months, I have two awesome girls (ages 8 and 2, for a few more months) and last week, my boyfriend and I decided to get engaged.

That’s right. He’s stuck with me, my girls, and our crazy shenanigans.

In case you’re wondering exactly why  this is so amazing to me, a typical amusement for us is to shove pillows up our shirts and pretend to be sumo wrestlers attacking each other. While making fart noises.

Yup. Be jealous.

The point of this blog adventure is to document this new experience for me and to let the world in on just how I plan to pull this shindig off.

Consider yourself warned, and warmly welcomed.

Over and out.


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