My Big, Fat, Stupid Mistake

Today I had the day off,  so I figured I’d head over to my mom’s get some much needed mowing done. And then I promptly got distracted by all the pretty leaves from her trees since the mower had a dead battery anyway. I was trying to get some cool shots of my rings in the leaves and I thought maybe I could sneak in our wedding date and make the pictures into a homemade save-the-date kinda thing. So I was playing, and these are the result:




And then I realized…um. I was writing the name of this month down and not the name of the month of our wedding.


I also managed to fall down twice today on two different sets of steps. I think that’s a new personal record. Go me!


2 thoughts on “My Big, Fat, Stupid Mistake

  1. I think it’s a great idea! Fall colors are so beautiful and your ring really looks good in those colors. There’s still time before all the leaves turn brown and disappear so give it another go! I’m sure it will turn out great and I would love to see the final pics 🙂


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