I’m Alive! And Kicking Myself.

That’s right, I am still alive and still writing, albeit a lot less than I used to. Working full time, managing a household, and still trying to be a sane human being is really kicking me in the butt. It’s been quite an adjustment for me. I miss only working part-time and having the energy to make my apartment have that tidy, lived-in look instead of it looking like the lunatics have taken over the asylum. I miss having time to plan and fix a full meal instead of dinner hour being a hunt and find food in the cabinets that will work together.

But mama’s busy taking care of business and paying bills, so some things take precedence. Like having clean underwear. Always important, right? That way if my pants fall off from working my butt off, I at least have something pretty to show for it. Ha!

I no longer just put stickers on boxes, people. I’m still a temp, but at least someone recognized that I am smart and quick to learn, so they gave me a computer and are sending me the containers that have issues within their computer system. I figure out what went wrong, who’s responsible, document it all, and fix the issue. I’m also almost entirely self-taught, which is kind of a big, impressive deal to me. I’m proud of myself when the floor supervisor comes up to me because he isn’t sure how to fix something. I also spend a whole lot of time walking around making sure physical inventory matches what’s in the system. It’s only once in a blue moon that it matches up, so I tend to catch a lot of mistakes. It’s always a good feeling to catch a mistake, like shipments that were supposedly shipped two months ago, yet have never been documented as being received. I’m sure that saves accounting a ton of headaches when the invoices are rolling in.

But…it does suck still being a temp. What I do isn’t an official job (since no one high up wants to admit it’s an official issue), so I can’t be hired for it. Very frustrating. I know my job isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but I’d still like more stability in my life. I have a family depending on me.

Wedding-wise, not much has been planned. I’ve been pretty busy doing the above-mentioned things, but I’ve got to start putting in some major effort. Or make a plan to elope. That’s looking tempting 😉

Bye for now.


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