The Slack

I find myself really struggling with motivation this week. All week I put of my cleaning and errands because my workweek was insane. We had auditors in specifically to audit the processes in my department and it was nerve-wracking because my area is pretty much brand-spanking new here. No one knew what to expect and we were doing our damnedest to prepare for every possibility. It was exhausting, and I’m grateful it’s over and went well. I’ve had several compliments on how I’ve trained everyone under me and how smoothly the process went thanks to my people, and I’m over the moon about that. Recognition feels good when you’ve absolutely worked your ass off.

Since my week was so stressful, I put everything off for the weekend. Now that the weekend is here (and almost over) I’ve still not done anything I planned to. I’m so wore out, and allergies have kicked my butt. Now it’s snowing and especially hard to dig myself out from under the blankets.

Maybe it’s just time to pat myself on back and look at what I did accomplish this week instead of beating myself up for what I didn’t.


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