C is for Challenge

If you’re wondering what’s with the letters lately, it’s all about this:


26 blog posts this month, keeping track by using the letters of the alphabet. I haven’t utilized my blog properly for a long time and it seemed like just the kick in the pants I needed. I have a lot of challenging things in my life I can’t do much about right now. This one I can.

I’ve thrown down a few more gauntlets for myself this month as well. As mentioned in previous posts, I am not the greatest of housekeepers. My house isn’t gross or anything. Just really messy is some rooms. Ok…maybe all if them. I seem to have a magic ability to obtain and keep things that we simply don’t use. I also tend to let the housework pile up and then get mad that no one is doing anything about it.

Apparently that’s what makes sense in my brain.

So I’ve decided to also challenge myself to do more around the place. At least one thing every day to make a difference.

Of course, I also have children. That one thing a day is probably pointless, but it’s the thought that counts, right?


2 thoughts on “C is for Challenge

  1. Like the C word! And I think this challenge was something akin to how you’re using it. Getting me started, kindling the creative fires.

    On the messy, I can completely relate to that! I came across a blog sometime last year (which is not, no longer up and running) but I do remember one of the last posts. Throw out 10 things a day; not necessarily big things. Can be scraps of paper, an old pair of socks. Things you look at think, why did I get that? Or things you know you haven’t used for at least two years. It is easy to do as I make my way around the house. Oh look at that! An old penny saver. Drop in the waste basket. one down, 9 to go. 🙂


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