All the signs are here. Feeling lost in life. Pointless at my job. Irritable. Insecure.

Actually, I’m getting irritated just making a list of all the ways I’ve been annoying over the last few months.

The point is, something needs to change. I need to change. Or my family may strangle me.

It’s scary to realize I’m going to put myself out there again in a way I haven’t in a long time. I’ve always kept within a certain comfort zone when it comes to employment…well, life in general.

That’s about to change. I’ve decided to look for a new job, one that isn’t temporary and can be over at any moment. It’s hard to feel any sense of security when you know you’re expendable at any moment and even though you’ve been there for months and put your resume in, you keep seeing new hires coming through and feel completely passed over.

So that’s the plan. Guess I better get busy and get things done, huh?

Wish me luck!


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