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I Want a Love Like Carrie and the Girls

Who else likes to sit around in their jammies late at night and settle in for a Netflix or Amazon Prime marathon while they drift into (ahem…postpone) sleep? I’m sure I’m not the only one. Lately I’ve gotten into Sex and the City, which my fiance is still making fun of me for. “It’s just all about sex,” he says, “there isn’t anything else to it.”

But he’s completely wrong when it comes to this show. Yes, it features sex sometimes, but that isn’t the focal point. The focal point is Carrie learning about herself through her relationships. She’s continually questioning everything and in a very public forum – a weekly column in a New York newspaper – and judging by the popularity of that column and her ensuing book deal, her curiosity and explorations resonate with her readers.

Personally, it isn’t just the show I love but also my memories of watching the show in bit and pieces as it was being aired years ago. I was in high school and in the beginning stages of my own explorations. It was exciting to me. Inspiring. It was the first time I considered the possibility of being a writer and I took steps toward my interest in journalism to try it on for size. I took a year of journalism in high school writing for the school paper and even went away for a week one summer to a journalism camp at Ball State University (shout out to my Indiana homefolk!). It wasn’t the right fit for me. It turns out, I only like writing about things when I’m actually interested in them.

It was also the first time I realized that adults don’t always have their shit together either. They each go through their own set of problems that is reminiscent of the real world asskicking that happens when your expectations don’t live up to what actually pans out in your life – and it all works out ok in the end anyway. You make it work, one way or another.

And the main thread through the whole storyline is the girls’ friendship with each other. They may fuss and they may fall out over some pretty big issues at times, but they are always there for each other and always make time to be together. Wouldn’t it be nice if real life was like that?

Instead, it’s more like the end of How I Met Your Mother – all the closeness fades away as some have kids, some pursue their dreams at the detriment of everything else, and some just plain don’t change but your opinion of them does. That’s just life. It boils down to “being there for the big moments” and the next thing you know…you’re missing those too. In the end, everyone is just trying to survive their own lives while hanging onto the bits of the people they’ve been throughout the years.

I think that’s one of the many reasons audiences are drawn into tv shows the way they are. You get pulled into the lives of a core group of people. You evolve with them through their struggles, you grieve the loss of some and celebrate the joys of others. It reminds you of times in your life when you were those people on the screen. The adventures. The laughter. The heartaches. The friendships. The family you make for yourself.

So yeah, I’m gonna keep watching the same old tv shows in my pajamas and wax nostalgic about the way things used to be.

There are some damned good people back in those times.




K is for the Killjoys

We have a meeting every morning so management keeps updated about what’s going on when it comes to production, and one of the supervisors cane hobbling in hanging onto his back. Apparently he pinched a nerve and it is giving him all kinds of fits. He was constantly shifting and making pained noises. Very distracting to me (distracting from the doodles…those meetings are boring and have little bearing on what I do) so I lean over to the lady next to me, shake my head sadly, and say, “I think it’s time we put the ol’ boy down.”

She absolutely lost it. She had tears and was snorting, and I get dirty looks for basically shutting the meeting down for five minutes.


J is for Job Opportunities…And Possible Jams

During my usual meeting with my manager today, she pulled the plant manager in to join us. It scared the padiddle out of me for a minute, but then they offered me a promotion.

Holy crap balls.

The catch is that I’m almost completely unfamiliar with the packaging I’d be working with, and I’d have to go to Detroit for training. I’ve never been there, which scares me.

Ugh. I hate decisions.

I is for I’m a Little Teapot

I’m short and stout. And tired of it. Every time I see a photo of myself it’s the firat thing I jump to, and I hate that about myself.

Why are women always so hung up on their weight? On appearance in general? One of my minions just got herself breast implants and it’s sparked a whole debate in my head.

I mean, I’m all for doing things that make you feel better about yourself. I guess I just always associated it with new experiences. A road trip, learning to play guitar, a new job.

New boobs never occurred to me. Maybe I’m going about this all the wrong way…

H is for the Hey, Something Shiny!

I have never had anyone make me breakfast in bed before, but Darrick brought me some pancakes in, and man, were they delicious! That man can cook better than I can sometimes.

Today’s project is washing down the walls in this apartment to welcome in some new energy around this place. I’ve been pretty good about trying to do at least one objective a day to make things look better around here, and this is a biggie. My littlest one is going to help me by cleaning up the baseboards while I work on the walls. Last night, she stuck by my side in the bathrooms while I scrubbed down the toilets and organized a few things. It’s great that she’s always so excited to help.

In other news, one of my “minions” at work is having a new grandbaby come into her life today, and she’s so excited she’s practically vibrating as she’s sending out messages to everybody. You can’t help but get excited with her.

Life is good at the moment.

The Slack

I find myself really struggling with motivation this week. All week I put of my cleaning and errands because my workweek was insane. We had auditors in specifically to audit the processes in my department and it was nerve-wracking because my area is pretty much brand-spanking new here. No one knew what to expect and we were doing our damnedest to prepare for every possibility. It was exhausting, and I’m grateful it’s over and went well. I’ve had several compliments on how I’ve trained everyone under me and how smoothly the process went thanks to my people, and I’m over the moon about that. Recognition feels good when you’ve absolutely worked your ass off.

Since my week was so stressful, I put everything off for the weekend. Now that the weekend is here (and almost over) I’ve still not done anything I planned to. I’m so wore out, and allergies have kicked my butt. Now it’s snowing and especially hard to dig myself out from under the blankets.

Maybe it’s just time to pat myself on back and look at what I did accomplish this week instead of beating myself up for what I didn’t.

That First Step is a Doozy

One of my major goals for this year is to get and stay organized in my household. Working full-time instead of part-time like I did at my last job has really taken some getting used to, and I have had a hard time keeping up with cleaning and cooking meas the way I used to, especially with Darrick pretty much put of commission for the time being. It has gotten to the point that it’s overwhelming. I mean, where do you start? Where did all this crap come from, and where do I put it?

It’s become painfully clear that something has to change. That…it’s time. The moment has arrived.


Every so often, I get a burst of energy out of nowhere (OK, it might be the massive amounts of caffeine consumed while surfing Pinterest…shh) and I tear through every room in my home getting rid of what I deem, in that moment, to be unnecessary. If we don’t constantly use it or evoke some emotional response in me, I chuck it.

It’s actually pretty cathartic. And bonus! I start noticing all the stuff that needs a good deep cleaning and work on that as I go.

I wind up completely exhausted, but it’s worth it in the end to see everything cleaned, rearranged, and clutter-free.

Maybe this year I’ll make the leap to become a minimalist.

Gearing Up For 2016

I know, I know…another one of those new year, new me posts. Boring, right?

But 2015 was a big year for us. We had a lot of disappointments, including postponing the wedding due to financial stresses that came up suddenly and Darrick becoming severely ill to the point he has been undergoing medical testing to see what’s going on. He has lost over 100 pounds in seven months and can barely eat anymore.

It’s also been a great year in some ways. We’ve both had big job changes that resulted in positive outcomes for us, the baby of the family started preschool, and the dog we adopted through a shelter a few months ago finally finished her heartworm treatment and got to come home with us for Christmas.

So now we’re gearing up for next year and outlining our goals. Obviously, we are going forward with finding answers about Darrick’s health. That’s our biggest priority now. We’re also looking into purchasing another vehicle for our family so our schedules get better.

One of my biggest personal goals is concerning this blog. Up until now, it hasn’t been a huge priority of mine. Life is busy between work and kids and trying to keep a household running, after all. That’s about to change, but not details on that later.

If you need me, don’t call. I’m busy drinking coffee and making nefarious plans in big binders. Muahahaha!