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Both of the girls now have purged bedrooms, and it’s now onto the biggest mess: my own. I may not have a million and two toys, but my laundry, midnight snack dishes, and trash in general seems to really pile up when I don’t stay on top of it every day.

Come to think of it, I really should make out that chore chart that I’ve been meaning to for the last year or so.

I’m not the only one guilty of it, though. Mr. Darrick is bad about letting his dirty clothes pile up in the corner and having dishes and empty potato chip cans laying around, too. Both of us need to overhaul our closet space, and we still have decorations to hang.

You know, chronicling my whole purging journey like this kinda makes me feel like a failure. Like I suck as a mom and a woman in general for letting it get to this point. If someone walked in my room right now, it would probably take a good minute before they picked their jaw up off of my sticky floor. I’m disappointed in myself. However, at least in admitting to my faults and doing something about it. Everybody lets things get out of hand sometimes. We’re all busy living chaotic, busy lives and minor things continue to pile up until they’re major.

Oh well.

Off to work and then coming home to begin the master bedroom purge. Yay rah!


Holy Crapballs, Where Did All This Come From?

Thus far into the purging process, I have hauled out eight bags of trash, broken toys, and outgrown clothing.

I had no idea we even had this much stuff crammed into our apartment. No wonder the girls never want to pick up their rooms. There was too much stuff and not enough space to keep it all put away in.

Problem solved.

Now it’ll take a fraction of the time to pick up bedrooms, the toys they have are the ones they really like and play with, and it’s a lot prettier to look at.

The little one was thrilled to death with her room, and absolutely fantastic about sitting through all her toys. She even helped me set up her new twin-sized bed because she didn’t want me to “get hurt being all alone.”

How sweet is that?

Back to the purge now. Send help in two days if you haven’t heard from me. I may have drowned trying to clear out more stuffs.

That First Step is a Doozy

One of my major goals for this year is to get and stay organized in my household. Working full-time instead of part-time like I did at my last job has really taken some getting used to, and I have had a hard time keeping up with cleaning and cooking meas the way I used to, especially with Darrick pretty much put of commission for the time being. It has gotten to the point that it’s overwhelming. I mean, where do you start? Where did all this crap come from, and where do I put it?

It’s become painfully clear that something has to change. That…it’s time. The moment has arrived.


Every so often, I get a burst of energy out of nowhere (OK, it might be the massive amounts of caffeine consumed while surfing Pinterest…shh) and I tear through every room in my home getting rid of what I deem, in that moment, to be unnecessary. If we don’t constantly use it or evoke some emotional response in me, I chuck it.

It’s actually pretty cathartic. And bonus! I start noticing all the stuff that needs a good deep cleaning and work on that as I go.

I wind up completely exhausted, but it’s worth it in the end to see everything cleaned, rearranged, and clutter-free.

Maybe this year I’ll make the leap to become a minimalist.